Science, Policy & Development

Md. Ali Asif Noor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University The history of celebrating World Pharmacist Day...Read More


  Every year almost every society or association of science professionals organizes annual conference with important and...Read More

Medical & Environmental Science

Rafat Alam, Md. Ali Asif Noor, ASM Abdullah, North South University If we ask people what is the most important and most...Read More

Research Commercialisation & IP

Among Bangladeshi Scientists and researchers, research commercialization or technology transfer is hardly uttered word. Because our...Read More

Inspirational Science & Scientists

 Scientific Bangladesh: If you search with the key word “Jute’ you will find there are 4231 articles...Read More

Fund/ Grant/Prize/Award

Bangladesh Academy of Sciences(BAS)  call for project proposals in the field of Agricultre and Life sciences  for its...Read More


The research group in The Monash university is focused on the chemistry and biology processes in metal transport and ore forming...Read More


This is a unique conference so far we  have found.    As this is eConference, there is no conference venue, all...Read More

Career in Science

A Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated as PhD Degree, is the highest academic degree. It was formerly considered as a prerequisite...Read More

Science and History

 Mohammad A. Halim1*, Mohammed G. Sarwar2, Ian D. Hosein3, Xuan-feng Yue4  Editors, Canadian Chemical Transactions, London,...Read More

Food and Agricultural Science

 Fish is a good source of animal protein and acceptable to all people of the world. Most of the fishes are useful for human being...Read More

Sci Communication & Publication

In 2015, 2723 scientific documents were published which have at least one author with Bangladeshi affiliation, as per Scopus database...Read More

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